Catherine Bui


During my time at VSCO, I worked closely with designers and the front end team to build a variety of responsive web interfaces and features. These products included, but are not limited to, various parts of our web app (homepage, search, detail view, user profiles), store, product pages, banners, and emails. The VSCO website averages 20 million hits per month.

Eager Image Background Loading

To help with users on slow connections we rendered solid colored backgrounds for the spaces where images would load. This relied on using aspect ratios of the incoming images to accurately pre-load a background of the right size in the space of the soon to render image.

VSCO Originals

I worked on the custom profiles for Academy and Artist Initiative. Custom css was written for VSCO Originals accounts with content generated by the VSCO Content team. Custom css was written for the Images, Journal, individual journal posts, and Collection pages. Visit the links to see them live.

Front end engineer, full time, March 2015 - July 2016
Contractor, July - August 2016
Responsive web development, testing, web accessibility and performance