Catherine Bui

Joanna Neborsky

Responsive website design and development for Joanna Neborsky, a Los Angeles based illustrator and animator. The custom Squarespace portfolio features a design that highlights Joanna’s playful and quirky aesthetic, and a navigation design that helps the user easily flow through various categories and projects.

A playful design direction

Taking note of Joanna’s sources of inspiration and studying her own work, I wanted to create a fun design that would harmonize with the childlike quality of her work. Incorporation of bold primary colors and use of big serif titles were chosen to evoke the feel of classic children story books, and inclusion of floating visual cutouts and scribbles strewn “randomly” amongst the design underscore’s Joanna’s collage work and style.


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Navigation design

One of my favorite parts of Joanna’s website are the navigations I designed for her. I wanted something visually simple, but still very functional and useful. At any point you can see what page you are on by glancing at the global nav at the top left of the screen, important for a portfolio with many categories and pages of work. You can hover to expand the nav and click to go to another category.

On a project detail page, after viewing the project and scrolling to the bottom you can jump to another project in the same category. These navigations help the user flow to different categories of Joanna’s work, as well as different projects within the same category.



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Freelance, March 2017